Amerman Eggs

Both Amerman's salmon cure and steelhead cure come in two colors. If you are looking for the perfect bright red color, the Neon Rocket Red is the color for you. If you prefer a more natural color, our Neon Natural Orange is the way to go. The Neon Orange will highlight the egg's natural colors.

Why a salmon cure? As salmon enter fresh water, their bodies go through a serious metabolic change. Their bodies start to deteriorate as all their nutrients are directed to the development of their reproductive organs. Their digestive tracts shut down, and they quit eating entirely. Unlike ocean salmon that are actively feeding on anything they can fit in their mouth, these fish that have left the ocean conditions are extremely hard to catch because they have no active feeding instinct. Rekindling that strike instinct is the key to successful salmon fishing.

A salmon's sense of smell is measured in parts-per-billion. Their sense of smell is so strong that they can tell the different mineral contents of water to identify their home stream. A superior salmon egg cure starts by using this sense of smell to stimulate the fish and rekindle its strike instinct and combines with a taste the fish can't resist eating. Through just the right use of chemicals and pheromones, Amerman's egg cure will make the fish bite when nothing else works.

Why a different cure for steelhead? Most over-the-counter cures are made for salmon and steelhead simply don't like the taste of most of the heavy chemicals, minerals and pheromones used in salmon cures. Steelhead are rainbow trout that go to the ocean and return. They often survive spawning and some even make it back to the ocean to do it all again. Being so different, they crave and require very different chemicals and ingredients to get them to bite. Amerman's steelhead cure uses just the right blend of ingredients to firm up your eggs, increase the fish's strike zone through scent, stimulate the visual strike response in steelhead, and create the taste that steelhead will hold onto and not let go. This cure will help you create the perfect cured eggs for steelhead fishing.

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