Guide Service

"In all my fishing experiences around the country, I have never seen one person totally dominate a fishery like Scott Amerman...He catches more fish, in relation to his peers, than any other angler in any other fishery in America."

–Bass Pro Jay Yelas

The Amerman Guides specialize in hands-on bait-fishing for salmon and steelhead. Come fishing with them, and you won't spend your day pulling plugs or divers and bait. Your fishing rod will spend the day in your hands and not in a rod holder. Enjoy fishing the scenic Oregon coastal and valley streams for salmon and steelhead. They specialize in getting away from the crowds that are so common these days.

Working as a team of guides gives the Amerman guides the benefit of many different views and a much broader knowledge base on every trip. When the fish are biting, the team can all share the wheres, whens and whats to get everyone into fishing. When the fish stop for a minute, everyone on the team can search out in a new direction to find them again. The team approach is what really makes the Amerman Guide Service unique.

The Amermans are legendary for their bobber fishing techniques and river fishing. During the fall, learn the intricacies of bobber fishing tidewater for 20-50 lb. Chinook salmon. Follow these monster Chinooks up river after the rains for some red-hot action backbouncing and bobber fishing the rivers!

In the spring, fish for the "best of all" Chinook salmon. Spring Chinook salmon are the best fighting best eating salmon you can catch. Whether on the small coast or the Willamette Valley streams, spring Chinook can offer some fun action.

During the winter months, experience our hands-on approach to steelhead fishing. The Amerman guides are bait-fishing masters that enjoy fishing the out-of-the-way spots and spend a lot of the winter fishing the smaller Oregon coast streams and tidewaters for steelhead. Specializing in boon-dogging and bobber fishing techniques, their hands-on approach is sure to make your trip enjoyable.

Spend your summer days enjoying the sun and chasing chrome bright salmon right as they are coming out of the ocean. From the famous buoy-10 fishery, June hogs and many smaller less know fisheries the summer months can be none stop action.